33kV SF6 Gas Inductive Voltage Transformer


33kV SF6 Gas Inductive Voltage Transformer

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33kV SF6 Gas Inductive Voltage Transformer
Product description


It is outdoor, single phase and SF6 inductive voltage transformer, which is used for metering and relay protection of 33230kV, 50 or 60Hz system.


IEC 61869-1; IEC 61869-3

Service conditions

Ambient temperature: -40+45

Altitude: 1000m (If above 1000m,the product will be customized according to users request)

Pollution level: II, III, IV

Design features

The product adopts case-type structure. The equipment body is placed inside the case. Its central part adopts silicone rubber composite insulator or high strength porcelain insulator. Top is equipped with primary Terminals  

It has a pressure-relief device with pressure blasting (release pressure) of 0.8MPa at side panel, free oil, no risk of explosion and free maintenance.

The layer insulation consists of high strength composite insulation of diamond polyester film and gas SF6, no aging and has a function of insulation restoring.

Density meter is mounted on the base which can show the transformer internal gas pressure (display value automatically converted to internal gas pressure at 20 ) and density, when transformer internal pressure drops down to alarm level, gas should be replenished.

Optimized designs for external insulation make inner and external electric field distribute evenly without discharge. Two type insulators are offered for user.

  1. Composite insulator

2. High strength porcelain insulator

Sealing ring adopts special material for SF6 gas which is applicable to a area with large temperature difference and harsh environment , annual leakage rate is less than 0.5%.

This product adopts the magnetic material with high saturation magnetic density, advanced technology and excellent insulation design make our product present a capacitive status under special voltage .

All adopted insulation parts are environmental protection material.

Secondary terminal board is made of epoxy casting, the seal performance is more reliable.

The base uses spray painting or hot galvanizing, which gives a high degree of corrosion resistance.

Fasteners and nameplate are stainless steel.

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