220kV Oil Immersed Live Tank Current Transformer

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220kV Oil Immersed Live Tank Current Transformer
Product description


It is outdoor, single phase and oil immersed live tank current transformer, which is used for metering and relay protection of 33~230kV, 50 or 60Hz system.



IEC 61869-1; IEC 61869-2


Service conditions

Ambient temperature: -40~+45

Altitude: 1000m (If above 1000m,the product will be customized according to users request)

Pollution level: II, III, IV

Design features

It is inverted oil/paper insulation type product. The main insulation is wound from high voltage cable paper, and is placed several capacitor screen of voltage division in the primary insulation, which can improve electric field distributing and decrease the consumption of insulation material. It will be immersed with transformer oil after desiccating under vacuum. It has advantages of stable and reliable performance of insulation, rich successful experience, a long life time.

Primary winding is penetrating type conducting rod structure, maximum short-time withstand current can reach 63kA/3s (in case of series connection of primary winding)

Secondary winding is cast in aluminum shielding case by use of organic materials, hence the measuring circuit and protection circuit at the secondary side will not suffer electric shock caused by insulation breakdown.

Fully-automatic vacuum drying treatment system, advanced vacuum  drying treatment and oil injection technique ensure the dielectric loss factor (tanδ) of the product to be less than 0.4%.

Optimized designs for external insulation make inner and external electric field distribute evenly without discharge. Two type insulators are offered for user.

  1. Composite insulator

2. High strength porcelain insulator

Secondary terminal for wiring adopts Phoenix special terminal block to facilitate the operations like plugging in, drawing and wiring.

The parts are connected together through argon arc welding. After assembly, the product will be charged with high pressure nitrogen gas for leak detection, radically solving oil leakage problem of oil-immersed product.

Hermetically sealed stainless steel metallic bellows is installed on the top, which protect the transformer oil from moisture and extend the life time, also there is a oil level gauge on the bellows for observing the changing of oil volume.

All adopted insulation parts are environmental protection material.

There is a multi function oil drain valve on the base, which makes it more convenient for sampling, draining and refilling.

The base and secondary box adopt spray painting or hot galvanizing, which gives a high degree of corrosion resistance.

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